Interactive Interior Screen

Advertising your message to a captive audience for the right price is always a challenge. Our Digital Interior Advertising displays an interactive marketing message directly to our passengers. Turn our passengers into your customers!

A captive audience

State-of-the-art hD digital touchscreen

Our interactive system allows you to build a web of your content linked
together through buttons displayed on the page. Passengers can click
any of the buttons which take them to another screen where they can see
additional content from your business including videos, photos, slides, and
even QR codes to link to your promotional content on their smartphone.

Diverse Media

Upload your digital interior message directly in the Web Portal using video, graphics or photos and create links between pages for interactivity.

Targeted Messaging

More than just a static slide! Change your content based on your selection of geographic location, time of day/night and day of the week.

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